Men's Navy/Maroon Chelsea Boot

We manufactured these boots with a dark navy dye on a thick cows suede, to give the boots great durability but with a lighter feel. Suede is more luxurious and makes the boots look much more premium when worn with Jeans or chinos.
We’ve tried to add less seams to keep the leather strong, as a one-piece boot. This helps give the boot a better and more lasting constructed feel.
We’ve given the boots a more rounded toe so there is plenty of space and a non restrictive feel; we also think it looks a lot more stylish. 
We have brought the boots in across the bridge so it hugs the foot to stop it rising when you walk. This also allows the boot to mould to your foot over time as you wear them. There is no laces with Chelsea boots so you want them to be tighter on the first wearing. They need to mould to your foot shape and that is what these boots are designed to do. By having them suede, it is softer and is kinder to your feet as you wear them in. 
The leather sole Is good year welted with a rubber downer across the bridge and the toe to stop you slipping from the first wear. The most interesting feature of the boots is the contrast in the colour sole and gusset. We went with the navy suede and a dark maroon gusset/sole, to really make the boots pop with any jeans or chinos. You’re always stand out in a pair of Philip James Chelsea boots.
We’ve also added a navy blue polkadot lining on the inside sock of the boots with a comfort memory foam insole on the heal of the boots. So you can walk in them for days and feel just as relaxed as if you were in a pair of trainers. 
We have also embossed the logo on the sole of the shoe and in gold along the inner boot lining. We’ve added a strong pull cord to the rear of the boot for ease in getting them on and off. 
Chelsea boots take a while to get used to but when you’ve worn them in. you’ll never want to take them off.

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